The Intolerance of Tolerance | Parchment and Pen

The Intolerance of Tolerance | Parchment and Pen. The author of the blog post recommends D. A. Carson’s book The Intolerance of Tolerance and explains why. The author points out a paragraph that he found particularly noteworthy, one in which Carson explains a shift from merely accepting the existence of different views to accepting the views themselves. I guess you’d have to read the book to see how the paragraph relates to the title.


In any event, I disagree that there is an acceptance of different views. As suggested in the title of Carson’s book, those who preach tolerance are really a very intolerant bunch. They insist that you accept their views, but if you hold views they deem to be “intolerant,” then you are vilified as bigoted, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and, well, just plain evil. You immediately become the enemy and must be silenced at all costs. They’re willing to accept the views of others as long as those views are politically correct.