Intellectual Discipleship? Faithful Thinking for Faithful Living – Al Mohler

Intellectual Discipleship? Al Mohler Article at”Thank you” to my pastor, Emory Brown, of Refreshing Springs Church in Buffalo, New York for sending me this by e-mail.

“A failure of Christian thinking is a failure of discipleship, for we are called to love God with our minds. We cannot follow Christ faithfully without first thinking as Christians. Furthermore, believers are not to be isolated thinkers who bear this responsibility alone. We are called to be faithful together as we learn intellectual discipleship within the believing community, the church.” – Al Mohler

As someone who has had to endure decades of being told to “check your brain at the door” or (as my pastor in an Assembly of God church back in the late 1970s said, “there is no place for reason in Christianity”), I find it refreshing that there are some people out there who understand the simple truth that loving God with all our mind (as written in the Great Commandment) requires us to actually use our minds.