The Illusion of a Gentleman God by Robert Bernecker

The Illusion of a Gentleman Godby Robert Bernecker. I’ve personally heard people make the very argument that “God is a perfect gentleman and will not interfere with our free will.” Some of these same people have gone even further and said that “God surrenders some of His sovereignty so that we can exercise our free will.”

Never mind that these heretics have a wrong understanding of “free will” (what they describe as “free will,” the capacity to make choices, is simply “will;” in order for the will to be “free,” there must be a right to make those choices, and God simply does not give anyone the right to choose sin, as evidenced by the fact that He punishes sin – rights cannot be punished).

The idea that God will not interfere with anyone’s will (a will that wants only to sin; the unregenerate will does not do good, does not seek after God, etc., as noted in Romans 3) is simply beyond the pale. God MUST interfere with a person’s will if that person is to be saved because, on his own, no person would ever want to be saved. No one can come to Christ unless the Father draws him – and that drawing includes interfering with a person’s will since God’s drawing always leads to salvation. All those whom the Father has given to Christ WILL come to Him.

The article linked above does a great job of explaining what’s so heretical about the “God is a gentleman” doctrine.