Narcissism was a bad thing, until we started calling it “self-esteem”

At some point, narcissism and pride were embraced and re-labeled “self-esteem.” We raised an entire generation of kids on it and now they’re in the workplace, many of them still expecting trophies and certificates just for showing up.

The Matt Walsh Blog

I have no self-esteem. If you asked me to rank the people for whom I have the highest esteem, I doubt I’d make the top 20 of my own list. Maybe I could crack ten thousand, but I keep meeting or reading about people who are better than me in so many ways, consequently I plummet further down the charts. I’m actually very happy about this, luckily I’m not the best thing that humanity has ever produced, and God help us if all the better people die off and leave me at the top of the heap.

That said, I don’t dislike myself, I don’t have a problem with my self-image, I don’t have low self-esteem. I’m saying I have NO self-esteem, for the same reason that I have no pet unicorns. Self-esteem is a nonsensical fantasy. It’s a false Gospel. It’s a meaningless fabrication that exists only in your…

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