Becoming Nestorian

There’s an entire Christian history that remains largely unknown in the West and is well worth exploring.

All Along the Watchtower

Assyrian_Church_of_the_East_SymbolThe Church of the East had no connection with Nestorius, but it could not avoid getting involved in his drama, or in what happened at Chalcedon – the pull of the Western Church was too great, and the fact that Persia received many refugees from a School Antioch, which had so much in common with its own theological thinking, meant it was inevitable that the story it received was one of the persecution of an innocent man who had taught sound doctrine; of course, viewed in the language used in the East, that was so.

As he made clear in his apologia, (which was only rediscovered in the nineteenth century) The Bazaar of HeracleidesNestorius did not believe what he was alleged to believe – that is in two sons, but, of course, the language in which he expressed his views was not that of the West.


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