Derek Webb Was Wrong, He’s Sorry, and He Loves You – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Derek Webb Was Wrong, He’s Sorry, and He Loves You – The Gospel Coalition Blog. I think it is shameful that Derek Webb is being chided for not speaking out publicly against homosexuality, but is not being chided for failing to speak out against other sins (like murder or stealing or extortion or the “little white lie” or the adultery of remarriage after divorce or enter your own pet sin here). Do those chiding Derek Webb think that homosexuality is the unpardonable sin? (It isn’t). Do they secretly think that homosexuality is so much worse than any other sin that it is to be treated differently?


Those familiar with Derek Webb’s songs know he has been an outspoken critic of (to take from an Old Testament passage) “sin in the camp” – compromise, worldliness, etc. in the Church. He isn’t the first Christian singer to have such hard-hitting lyrics about the Church and the people in it and (thank God) he won’t be the last. As a Christian, he is speaking to brothers and sisters in Christ.


Those who insist on treating homosexuality differently from other sins are hypocrites and Pharisees! Why aren’t you taking the same critical, unloving, judgmental, unmerciful stance against other sins – or does the mention of other sins hit a little too close to home for comfort? Better yet, why aren’t you being like Christ with regard to other people’s sins? Why aren’t you being like the Apostle Paul, who referred to himself as the chief of sinners and who asked in 1 Corinthians 5:12, “What have I to do with judging outsiders”? YOU are why so much of the world hates Christianity and Christians today!