Nietzsche’s Rejection of Darwinian Evolution

Interestingly, as Christians started acknowledging “microevolution,” the evolutionists changed the terminology and insisted that there is only “evolution” – that it’s an all-or-nothing proposition – and that if you can’t accept change/adaptation over time within a species without accepting change/adaptation over time (conveniently, an insanely long period of time that cannot be observed) eventually resulting in a new species.

With All I Am

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“The error of the Darwinist school has become a problem for me: ” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, “how can one be so blind as to fail to see clearly here? … That the species represent progress is the most unreasonable assertion in the world:” (Nietzsche 2003, 258)

In a period of ten years, Nietzsche drifted from admiring Darwin and his company as “great names of England” to discourteously mocking and ridiculing them as “English psychologists” and “our ape-genealogists”. This article concisely introduced only two, among many, of Nietzsche’s cases against the theory of Darwinian evolution mostly when associated with Homo sapiens.

Case Against Darwinian Progressivity

Natural selection works, according to Charles Darwin, “solely by and for the good of each being, all corporeal and mental endowments will tend to progress towards perfection.”(Darwin 1909, 528) This idea of progressivity in Darwinian evolution did not only astounded Nietzsche but also its opposite…

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