Drive-Thru Prayer Offers a Church of Convenience

Drive-Thru Prayer Offers a Church of Convenience

agfa mcdonalds drive thru

agfa mcdonalds drive thru (Photo credit: slimmer_jimmer)

From the article: “The Sonrise Worship Center in Lutz, Florida, offers on-the-go coffee and comfort to worshippers in a hurry, reports Patch. Their forthright signs feature simple slogans like, ‘Need God’s Guidance?’ ‘Drive-Thru Prayer: Turn Here,’ and ‘Free Prayer Ahead.'”

I’m sorry, but this just seems like more of the syncretism that has infected the American church. Drive-thru prayer, drive-thru communion (I’ve heard of a church that does this), drive-thru church…it’s all about the wickedness that is the American make-everything-easy-and-convenient-for-me mindset. We want God and His Church to do it our way. We don’t want to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him. We don’t want to serve the body of Christ, we want the body to serve us.

Besides, you have to be a bit suspicious when The Huffington Post writes positively about anything Christian.