The Atheists’ REAL Motive

The Atheists’ REAL Motive

This one is from Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Click on the link.


For something they believe doesn’t exist, atheists go to an awful lot of trouble to oppose it. Okay, so you don’t believe in the existence of deities (or, as a hard/strong/positive atheist, you do believe that there are no deities; there is a difference). If you don’t believe, then why work so hard to oppose what you claim doesn’t exist and why fight against theists as if you hate them, are angry about them, or otherwise show that your atheism isn’t merely non-belief? Are the militant atheists like those Ken Ham discusses in the link really anti-theists? Are they, instead of merely being non-believers, really God-haters? Most people don’t believe in Satan Claus or the Easter Bunny either, but they aren’t going around opposing every display or even mention of them in society. If the atheists see belief in God in the same way, then there is no RATIONAL basis for their violent opposition.