Has Greek Yogurt Jumped the Shark?

So, maybe Greek yogurt isn’t so special after all.


America’s love affair with Greek yogurt is reaching a fever pitch. All told, we’re spending $1.6 billion on this once obscure dairy product, according to a Packaged Facts report released in March — a whopping 50% more than last year. A total of 35% of all yogurt we buy today is Greek, up from only 1% in 2007.

Perhaps betting that our current infatuation has left consumers all fuzzy-brained, marketers are slapping the “Greek yogurt” label onto almost everything — from sugary cereals and veggie dip to snack cakes and butter. But as history has proved, health halos are inevitably followed by backlash. We saw it with agave nectar. We saw it with acai berries. Both were tasty products with upstanding health merits, but with the media breathlessly touting them as quasi-miracle foods and companies cramming them into anything you can sink your teeth into, neither food could have possibly…

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