Your Sin: You Have No Idea!

The Reformed Reader

Sermons of Robert Murray M'Cheyne  When God convicts us of our sin, he ordinarily only shows us the tip of the iceberg (so to speak).  This is an act of mercy, for if he showed us the exact depth and extent of our depravity, we would not be able to live with ourselves.  Thankfully, genuine conviction and repentance can take place even though we don’t know the full depth and extent of our depravity.  I appreciate how  Robert Murray M’Cheyne explains the depths of the sinful heart in a sermon he preached on Jeremiah 17.9-10 (The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?).

“…The most awakened sinner does not see the ten thousandth part of the wickedness of his own heart.  You are like a person looking down into a dark pit – you can only see a few yards down the sides of the pit…

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