Do You Feel Or Do You Think?

How often have we heard people say (or have said ourselves) “I feel that (insert opinion or belief here)”? How often have we seen questions in textbooks or other forms of curriculum materials “How do you feel about…?” or “What do you feel is…?” or other forms of the same thing: trying to get us to tell what or how we feel about a topic.

Whenever I see or hear statements or questions where people are feeling about things, I have this strong urge to ask “What is the emotion or physical sensation that you’re experiencing?” (Which tends to go over people’s heads). This notion that opinions or beliefs are something we feel makes no sense to me. It, of course, raises another question: “Doesn’t anyone think any more?”

I have opinions and beliefs, but these are things that I think, not feel. They come through the process of thinking, not from the realms of emotions or physical sensations. Likewise, I want to know what you think about something, not what you feel about it.

So, do you feel or do you think? Why?